Lisa Tsang

Lisa is the founder and design maestro behind LisaT, an innovative knitwear design house, which she established in 2006 after a decade long tenure as a knitwear designer in Hong Kong.

Born of Anglo-Chinese parentage, Lisa has always been fascinated by knitwear and textiles. Under the influence of both maternal and paternal grandmothers who were a seamstress/milliner and a crocheter/knitter respectively, Lisa’s interest evolved into a strong desire to devote her future to fashion and specifically knitwear design.

She did this through graduating from the world-renowned Central St. Martins College in London with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Textiles. Subsequently, Lisa took a position at Issey Miyaki’s assistant, Kenichi Nakayama, where she gained invaluable expertise and inspiration for her own future creations.